Trial Dive

Try diving?

No problem, with us you can comfortably sniff the sea from the beach with one of our experienced diving instructors.

We will do a little theory lesson with you to get to know the most important things about diving and then go into the water to explore the underwater world.

Beach program duration 1-1.5 hours (1 dive)

Boat program duration 1 day (2-3 dives)

Open water course

on diving around the world?

After successfully completing the Open Water course, you will receive a certificate that allows you to dive anywhere in the world.

This course lasts 3-4 days. 

1. Theory: You can learn the theory from the comfort of your own home or in our dive center.

2. First practice lessons in the water: With us you can learn all the exercises that are later necessary in deeper water on the beach at a maximum depth of 1-2 m 

3: Dives: The Open Water course consists of 4 dives, here we will repeat the exercises, float and explore the underwater world. 


Diving Course OWD Boat (SSI)

13.500,00 ฿ 12.200,00 ฿
  • Online theory with the SSI app (30+ languages)
  • Online logbook with the SSI app
  • Confined Water Exercises (Full Day)
  • 1 open water dive from the beach
  • 3 open water dives from the boat with breakfast and lunch
  • Online SSI card (diving certification)

Diving Course OWD Beach (ISDA)

10.000,00 ฿ 8.500,00 ฿
  • Online theory with the ISDA app (German, English, Italian)
  • Confined Water Exercises (Half Day)
  • 4 open water dives from the beach
  • Online ISDA card (diving certification)

Advanced Open Water course

More safety and more fun while diving?

This course includes 5 theory lessons and 5 dives.

In these 5 dives, deep diving, navigation and 3 other special dives are taught.

The special dives focus on the diver and the best packages are chosen for you to dive even better, safer and more enjoyable.


This offer is put together individually for each diver. Write to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.